Online Cooking Schools Can Provide Students With A Gateway To A Culinary Career

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Some people merely wish to learn how to make more exciting meals for their families and others use online cooking schools as a first step on the ladder to a full time career. Let’s look at a few advantages and disadvantages and what to consider when choosing between the many online cooking schools offering you an education.

For those of us who already have an established career or do not have the finances to study full time, the choice of online culinary training has many advantages. Whilst still providing the same training as full time schools it offers the student the opportunity to study at a time convenient to them.

Curriculum contents, assignments to be completed and even taking theory tests and exams are all done online. These theoretical aspects of the training will mainly concentrate on subjects such as hygiene, safety, food science and financial management. In this respect communication between lecturers and students are primarily via e-mail and course content available on the school’s website.

One of the big disadvantages of online training is the lack of one-on-one practical training. Many schools will use pre-recorded videos, webcam training classes or even in-person training in various cities or towns to enable you to combine this with your theoretical training. The schools will all recommend to students that they seek an internship at a reputable restaurant where the chef will be willing to supervise your progress.

When it comes to the choice of school your considerations are very similar to those for choosing any other school. First, you should decide on the level of education you want to achieve. Do you merely want to beef up on your home cooking skills or do you want to achieve an internationally recognized professional qualification. The latter will give you the ability to further your career across the world.

Secondly you may want to focus your training on a specific aspect of the culinary world. You may want to train as a pastry chef, specialize in Chinese or French food or in fact decide that you want to train as a food and beverage manager. All programs will provide basic training encompassing subjects such as baking, grilling, saute, pastry creation, garnishing, menu planning, kitchen safety and will also include exposure to restaurant management and basic cost accounting. You will want to make sure that you have a good understanding of what the industry is about even though some of the training may include the tedium of chopping, slicing, cutting dicing or even making basic stocks or sauces.

A third and very important consideration in choosing an on-line cooking school is to ensure that the school is properly accredited. More so it is vital that you choose an internationally accredited school if you are considering widening your horizons by continuing your career outside of your own country. You can also investigate the success of previous students and especially look at the successful placement rate of students who have attained their education through the particular school.

The decision whether or not to train via an on line cooking school is one not be taken lightly. You will invest a considerable amount of money and time in preparing for what could potentially be a big step in your working life by changing career or starting out on the career ladder. Consider all your options and make the decision which is right for you, even though it may not always carry the approval of friend and/or family – but sometimes you have to follow your heart to reach your goals.

Chef Todd Mohr is a professionally trained chef who has started an online school which just celebrated its first birthday.  For the home cooking enthusiast or the aspiring professional his classes will provide a solid foundation for your gourmet desires. You can view several of his techniques and ideas on his YouTube channel. For a DVD and a months worth of no cost lessons you should visit his site WebCookingClasses.

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