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Happy Birthday Webcookingclasses< target="_blank"> !

I first heard about Web Cooking last spring, while casting about for ideas about online cooking courses  for this site.  I started my own career as a chef at the ripe young age of 14 in a fancy steak house.  At that time in 1960 the number of school trained chefs was very slim.  I did not meet a school trained chef until I got into my thirties.  Until then every Chef I knew had come up through the ranks, starting just like I did, as a dishwasher.

They let you peel potatoes, shell shrimp, bone trout, clean lettuce and put away the groceries.  Eventually you graduated to a knife and were given a sack of onions to clean and chop.  If you learned fairly quick and developed your knife skills then you graduated to the prime rib side of the line to begin serving on the cooks line for really busy days.  The fast learners were then taught to make soups; eventually sauces and finally to work the broiler while expediting the whole kitchen.  Whoohoo when it got that far you thought you had arrived.  Not!

Who orders the food?  Who plans the specials?  Who schedules the people?  Who takes the inventory? Who assures the bride that her perfect day will be complimented with the perfectly prepared meal and then gets the job done? Then there are those pesky “times”  Paul Bocuse creates “Lite Menu’s.” Paul Proudhomme proclaims the “Cajun revolution.”  South of the Border becomes the “Pacific Rim” Cuisine.  Suddenly a chef is required to be a walking cookbook, knowledgeable in the cuisine of every culture of the world.

Welcome to the year 2010 in the era of fusion where the world of  cooking is filled with ideas from a multitude of cultures.  We can blame or be blessed by the internet for that.  Today you can search and find any recipe for just about anything.  Inside of 5 minutes you can be on your way to the store to buy a few seasonings and chances are that you will have no problem finding them, as most everything is available at a specialty shop somewhere.  These are the fascinating developments of our times.  The best development of all is the ability to show in real time the process of how something gets done.

Imagine that, we have come so far in the last 20 years that today I was able to listen to “British speaking” lady from Burma as she showed me how to make Yellow Pea Fritters.  From half-way across the world we are able to access any information we need to make any food we desire to make.  This is where web cooking classes comes in.  Chef Todd has taken the time to set up the cameras and record the knowledge he has acquired over the last 20 years and share it with his audience for a small investment of your time and a few dollars a month.

The thing that excites me about Todd is the fact that he burned up his cook book and wants to get the “How” so ingrained that you are almost immediately able to decide “What” to cook.  Instead of locking you into a “this is the way we’ve always done it” mentality, his goal is to get you thinking outside the box. Being a chef is not so much a matter of memorizing recipes as it is a matter of knowing where you wish to take a food idea and put your personal touch to it. It is a feeling that you can experience when you overcome the mystery of cooking. This is no voodoo, (except a sauce by that name) just a series of techniques that are built one on another. By developing your cooking skills you can walk into any food situation and know exactly what you want to do.

The great thing about online cooking courses is the ability to schedule the time of the class for when ever you have the available time. The videos will be available to you 24/7 which means you can tune in at three am and get your lesson or in case you missed something you will be able to go back and review it anytime you desire.

Imagine yourself a year from now with the knowledge you would have from taking this online culinary course. You will feel totally comfortable in your own kitchen, making up your meals from scratch with the ingredients you have on hand. Your pantry will be stocked with a variety of specialty herbs, spices and oils that enable you to flavor your dish with the seasonings of any country you desire. Entertaining your friends will be a joy and an opportunity for you to display your new found skills. Take a look at his site you will be impressed.

Happy Birthday To You Todd!

Michael Brown

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