Online Cooking Classes, Learning To Be Comfortable in Your Kitchen

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How Online Cooking Classes Can Help You to Get The
Most Out of Your Cooking Efforts

Learn the secrets fo being comfortable in your own kitchenMost of us grow up learning to cook the things that Mom taught us how to cook. For some of us that may be a lot of things for others that may be very little. If you find yourself in that second bracket this article may be just what you need to become an accomplished chef in your own kitchen. I am talking about online cooking classes. This is a unique way to get beyond the need to shop only for frozen dinners and meals that come in cans or being forced to let the local restaurants do all your cooking at considerable expense.

I know people in all age brackets who are intimidated by the thought of going into their own kitchens to prepare their own meals. If you are already a sophisticated cook this article may not be for you, I want to talk to the people who think that cooking is some sort of mystery that takes a magician to figure out. The fact of the matter is that today is a fantastic time to be living for the person who wants to know how to cook. Today you can start learning to cook with the help of the internet.

Online cooking classes can have you enjoying the fruits of your labors in just a few lessons. You will learn basic terms so that you can know what the cookbooks are saying. You will learn techniques to enable you to know when the pan is ready to add the foods, and how to create a sauce right in the same pan. You will learn how to use different seasonings to totally change the flavors of that boring recipe you learned in high school.  In short it will unleash your creativity.

Part of the challenge that we have is that cook books are written in such a way that we are at a serious disadvantage from the beginning. What exactly is a pinch of (_____) you fill in the blank. A pinch of salt is probably not enough where a pinch of white pepper could be too much. When you are told to heat the oven to 350 degrees, is your oven 350 or is it off by 30 degrees as so many ovens are, 6 months after coming off the show room floor. How about the terms used in the recipe? Saute, simmer, braise, make a roux, cream the butter, chopped, diced, finely chopped. What exactly do those terms mean? How do you tell if your creation is fully cooked? And finally as you read over the ingredients will that particular combination of foods agree with your palate?

Learning how to cook like a chef is not that difficult. Once you have learned a few fundamentals and techniques you will be able to shop more efficiently. You can take a chicken breast and prepare it in multiply different ways to suit your taste for that given meal instead of being locked into the way Mom taught you or the one recipe book suggests. Cooking becomes really enjoyable when your options have been expanded.

Chef Todd Mohr has put together a fantastic online cooking class designed to give you the basics of chef knowledge. Within a few short weeks you will learn how to approach your kitchen and pantry in an entirely new way. Instead of collecting recipes for specific meals he will teach you how a few simple changes to your method of preparation will open up different cultures of foods to explore by changing the seasoning or method. Sign up for the free DVD and receive a 30 day trial of his classes.

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