New High Carbon Steel Knife From A Master Blade Smith, Bob Kramer

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Let’s face it, the whole point to the cooking experience is to produce a meal that tingles the taste buds and satisfies the body. Oh, and by the way if it is healthy and nourishing that is a great bonus. So when you come to a web site looking for information on knives you really aren’t as interested in the knife as much as using that particular tool to help in the creation of a great meal.

The thing is that a knife that you use in the kitchen is simply a tool that will help you to prepare your meal. A sharp knife is important because it will cut through the foods that you are working with much more easily than a dull one. This means that you will use less pressure to actually cut something and the blade will go straight through to the cutting board instead of sideways into your hand. As a chef who spends several hours a day with a knife in his hand, that added pressure can build and become a challenge. It is so much easier to simply cut the bell pepper rather than saw it apart.

A sharp knife can make simple tasks out of complex ones. Take a dozen scallions out of the bag and slice them at a 45° angle all at once? With a dull knife this is a recipe for cutting yourself, but with a super-sharp knife this is a piece of cake task.

The same goes for herbs, a recipe that calls for fresh herbs usually means a finely minced herb. Chopping the herbs with a dull knife simply mashes them and pushes the precious oils from the herb into the cutting board, while mincing them with a sharp knife actually cuts through the finer leaves and leaves the oils in the herb itself.

As a master blade smith, Bob Kramer has created several masterpieces in terms of cutlery. He partnered with Kai/Shun and released a stainless steel knife set that is impeccable. Well, he has done it again. This time he partnered with Zwilling/Henckels Japan to create a high carbon steel knife set. Using the same formula for high carbon steel that he uses in his personally forged knives. The new knife set is handcrafted in Seki city Japan. Bob Kramer has insured that his knife set is effective and provides comfort to the user. The centerpiece to his masterpiece starts with the carbon steel chef’s knife. The chef’s knife is such an important knife in any kitchen as it does 75% of the cutting performed. Since this is such an important knife is equally important to have a high quality chef’s knife and Kramer Knives give you just that.



Many would ask, “Why create a high carbon steel knife set?” The difference between a stainless steel knife and a carbon steel knife begins with the sharpness and ability to keep an edge. Carbon steel is hard and so it retains its sharpness longer than stainless steel. It is also easier to sharpen. Kramer Knives also hold their edge longer which is now required for modern culinary arts. Stainless steel knives will lose the edge and even when they are sharpened to the maximum sharpness they won’t be able to cut as well as a carbon steel knife will.

Kramer Knives are exclusive. Getting your hands on Kramer Knives has been compared to winning the lottery. However, Bob Kramer recently began selling directly to Sur La Table and the new carbon steel knife sets can be purchased directly from them. This partnership allows Kramer Knives to stay exclusive but allow more culinary creators to use these exclusive products.

The cost of this new high carbon steel knife set range from $135 to $350 depending on the specific knife you decide to purchase. The price reflects the quality of work put into each blade and handle. With Kramer Knives you really do pay for what you get. Carbon steel forged knives are going to range in this price, even for the lower quality sets.



Working with a quality knife set is important when you are working in a kitchen. Kramer Knives has provided an exclusive new high carbon steel knife set that will meet all of your requirements. The carbon steel Chef’s Knife is impressive and one of kind. Purchase yours today through Sur La Table and begin experience the true art of cutlery masterwork.

Oh, and by the way if you would like to see this knife in action, here is the link to an exclusive video, The Bob Kramer Chef’s Knife.

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