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If you are already a gourmet chef, hit the back button immediately. Okay, now for the curiosity seekers who stuck around; how would you like to be able to taste something and be able to tell what was in it? And once you had decided what the ingredients were, be able to know the method by which it was made? How would you feel if you knew you could go into your own kitchen and create the same thing in a matter of minutes? That is what knowing how to cook is all about.

Ah, the mysteries of cooking, we have been eating (duh) all our lives, but some of us were left out of the kitchen. What is it that goes on in there, that makes great tastes come to life on a plate? Have you learned to identify the ingredients of what you are eating? When you watch the cooking shows on TV do you ever wonder how they can up with those different combinations?

Learning to cook is a life time adventure, there is always something else to learn or discover. Today through the internet we are able to instantly plug in and discover the how and why of any type of dish you can imagine.

  • Discover the simple basics of food preparation.
  • Save money by knowing exactly what to buy for your culinary creations.
  • Learn to make your own recipes instead of being dependent on others incomplete instructions.
  • Be able to flavor your food in any cultural or ethnic manner by a few small changes in ingredients.


IF you have ever watched a cooking show on television and dreamed of the day that you could whip up a perfect meal to impress your family and friends, you just may be the perfect person to learn to cook online! There are a few different options that you can take advantage of when it comes to online cooking courses.

Taking an online cooking class can be a lot of fun! You will need to have a desktop or laptop computer with internet access handy in order to take your online classes. You will also save yourself a lot of gas money by not having to drive to and from your lessons. Simply put on some comfortable clothes, pour yourself an ice cold drink, relax, and get ready to learn!

The secrets to the kitchen are simple.  You need to learn a few new words so you will know what to do when you are told to saute or to braise, broil, poach and blanch.  You will also need to know a bit of chemistry which will help you to understand why the changes are taking place as you cook your foods.  As you progress you will learn which combinations of flavor will give you distinct ethnic tastes.

Web Cooking Class may just be the class you are looking for.  Chef Todd Mohr has an easy going style; he will teach you the basics of cooking and quickly get you to a point where you are developing your own recipes.

Web cooking class takes the mystery out of the cooking process by demonstrating the simple basics that are the foundation of cooking and then showing you how to apply these to build your own creations.  You do not have to have an encyclopedic memory to learn these fundamentals,  yet when you have these down you will be able to produce a tremendous number of dishes by simply altering the herbs and ingredients slightly.

You can find out more about web cooking class here. Sign up for his free CD which reveal the 5 Secrets to Creating Amazing Meals a Home


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