Japanese Chef Knife, The Precision of the Shun Knife

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In just five brief years, Shun blades have made the jump from unknown to number one in the world of top-of-the-line kitchen knives. Their ascendancy has been no less than incredible and has resulted in continual conversions from traditional stalwarts Henckels and Wusthof.

Their prominence is very deserved. Though Global initially introduced numerous North American kitchen workers to ultra-sharp Asian knives, Shun brought the concept to the home kitchen. Shun proved a lot of doubters incorrect when it proved that America was ready for high quality knives that were shaver sharp and feather-weight. Shun blades were more costly than competitors and required more preventative maintenance but once amateur chef’s got their fingers on them, they didn’t go back.

Kershaw and Shun

Shun knives are produced by Kai Cutlery, a large and very respected Japanese knife firm. Kai bought Kershaw Cutlery in 1978 and founded Kai USA to build and circulate American-made knives. As it became clear that there was a market for high-end cooking knives using age-old Japanese blade-making methods, Kai was perfectly situated to lead the charge.

The Shun Knife was originally produced in 2003. Stores like Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table have subsequently chosen it as one of their premier cutlery brands.
Kai, Kershaw, Shun Pro 3 Peice Knife Set

Shun Professional 3 Piece Set
Shun Classic Knives

Shun Classic blades are the hottest selling of the Shun brand. They are mostly designed for the hobbyist home chef.

They use a Asian alloy called VG-10, which is a lot harder and keener than many European steels. Many people agree that the sharpness, joined with a light feel and a classical Western grip makes for an excellent combination.

It’s important to treat these blades with care as they will become stained and forfeit their sharp edge if left in a sink full of water or cleaned in the dishwasher.

The handles are manufactured of pakka wood, which is a hardwood injected with resin. It is pressed into a teardrop shape that fits into the contour of the human hand.

The cost is a large deterrent for some people. While it may be accurate that Shun’s 8-inch cook’s blade, starting at about $100, isn’t exactly a flea market type of purchase, you receive amazing quality for your money. Kai realizes that you receive what you pay for, and a well constructed knife that outdoes the competition every time is going to be more costly.

Shun Elite Knives

Kai’s next most popular set of kitchen cutlery is the Shun Elite collection. They are analogous to the Classic knives, but with several crucial distinctions. The steel utilized is the biggest and critical difference. Elite Knives feature a blade created of SG-2 steel, which is a premium powdered steel.

A unique procedure distributes the ingredients evenly throughout this powdered steel. The steel created by this technique can be heat-treated to be extremely hard and, thus, sharp.

The handle is created from pakka wood, similar to the Classic series. Care and maintenance is similar as well.

Shun Ken Onion Knives

Ken Onion is regarded as one of the most famous blade creators in the world. His “Speed Safe” mechanism was a radical original way to mechanically open blades. He has additionally designed several innovative blades for Kershaw – most significantly, the Leek, Chive, and Blackout.

Although Ken Onion had never designed a cooking blade before, he enlisted for the undertaking. Ken says that his fresh ideas about kitchen knife design really stem from this novelty, because it made him question some of the inspirations behind usual kitchen knife design.

The result was the Shun Ken Online series, which features a damascus-style VG-10 blade, handles crafted from pakka wood, and its signature ergonomic shape built to take stress off the arm when chopping vegetables and other things.

Not everybody is enthusiastic about the unusual shape of the blades. Some buyers report that the ergonomic handle doesn’t conform to their hand configuration. However, celebrity cooks and expert chefs frequently rave about them, and the instruments have become quite well-liked in the greater public also.

Shun Steel, Pro 2 and Others

The Shun brand is made up of a large range of knives including some more unknown lines. Shun Steel arrives equipped with a stainless steel grip. Shun Pro blades are enhanced with a single-bevel cutting edge which creates a thinner edge and a keener blade. The Shun Pro II is outstanding with an embellished grip and slightly thicker and keener edges.

Kai also offers budget blades, distributed with the Kershaw Wasabi name.

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