Electric Smoker’s a Great Addition to a Well Equipped Kitchen

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Some years ago I catered a very special 60th wedding anniversary and needed to serve a smoked trout pate as a part of the menu.  I went out and bought the trout and paid $5 a pound for the trout.  I had previously checked and discovered that smoked trout was for sale at $16 a pound so I figured I would save some money and get it smoked at a local restaurant.  Then when I checked, they wanted $50 to actually do the smoking. I said whoa this is too much money for a mere 10 lbs of fish.  I then went over to my local Home Depot and discovered that for a $100 something I could buy a double decked smoker and do fish or anything else that I wanted, and have it available any time I needed it. The smoker pictured below is the same model that I bought although it is much newer than mine.

The smoker gives you the ability to add water and do a moist smoke or leave it out and dry smoke the product.  You can use a variety of hardwoods to achieve different flavors.  I am fond of applewood myself, cherry, oak and mesquite will also work quite nicely.  You simply put the wood in a bucket of water and soak it for a couple of hours. Then you place the chunks of wood on the electric element, spread our your fish on the racks above, close the lid and go away.  The smell will drive the neighbors crazy, 30 minutes later you have a fantastic batch of smoked trout.  Most smoked fish takes very little time if you are doing beef or pork plan on 4 to 6 hours depending on the thickness of your product.

I noticed someone searched for “cooking hamburgers on a smoker”.    My question would be “why?”  Yes you could cook anything on a smoker, but it would take a much longer time to do so and you leave yourself with a bigger mess to clean up at the end.Most of the smokers that are available are electric, their elements are barely hot enough to get the wood smoldering, which is what you want if you are smoking foods.  If they got any hotter they would simply burn up the wood with very little smoke.  Contrast this with a gas grill or barbecue unit the internal temperature of a smoker is usually 180 while the gas grill can go up to 500.  The Grill will efficiently mark the steak or burger sealing the outside with a good sear and have you finished in 10 minutes.  A Smoker on the other hand will surround your steak with warm smoky air and sweat it to death. There is no sear on the outside, just as smoky coating that eventually saturates through until the meat is fully cooked.   The process will take at least 15 minutes per quarter in thickness of the product.  What that means is 45 minutes to an hour after you stick that nice New York Steak on a smoker you have a smoke tasting sweated piece of meat suitable for a cold steak salad, but nowhere near what you want for a nice steak dinner.Finally, lets be totally honest.  Smokers are messy endeavors.  Each time you get it out you are setting yourself up to clean up a bit of a mess.  The smoke coats not only the meat but the entire inside of the unit.  The element is covered in wet hardwood that you just put on it, which will turn to ashes.  If you use a wet smoking method the drip pan will get filled with meat drippings which need to be dumped or if dry that same pan will be filled with encrusted hard drippings that were generated while you smoked your product.  If you take the pan out the drippings fall directly on the wood and element, which makes for a greater mess.  So  for me the bottom line is to use it when I have a large amount of product to smoke, to use the wet method to catch the drippings and only for Brisket or a Turkey would I plan to eat the food “Hot Off the Grill”.


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An electric smoker has its own unique style and features. The 3 basic features in using electric smokers are temperature control, extra capacity and safety. Most electric smokers have temperature control settings just like an oven. It is calibrated to preset a temperature and hold it without maintenance. Others have enough control for cold smoking to flavor the food. This technique uses smoke in order to flavor meats without actual cooking.Electric smokers come in various sizes. Some can be as big as a trashcan or a large grill, depending on one’s food needs. Large units can smoke a bigger volume of meat and looks like a cabinet or refrigerator. Others can be as big as one entire room with a smoking system installed in it.

Many electric smokers process smoking without any fire for safer use. Some have time control features to prevent over smoking.A Luhr Jensen smoker is a box-typed electric smoker. The fifty pound capacity is called the Big chief. The 256 pound capacity is the Little Chief. These maintain a 165 degree temperature automatically, particularly when full. It also maintains 70 degrees for outdoor temperature. Little Chief can smoke up to 15 pounds of fish and meat. The Big Chief can smoke up to 50 pounds. Luhr Jensen smokers are easy to use since it comes with an instruction guide and a recipe book.The first part of the smoking process ensures pasteurized food being raised over 146oF. Food will finish cooking at a very low temperature with no controls or thermostats used. Bradley smokers are versatile smokers that can be used for cold, hot and dry smoking. You can also use it for dehydration and roasting purposes. The smoker is ideal for all types of fish, meats and vegetables. The temperature can be set to 320oF maximum, for hot smoking and roasting. This appliance looks like a refrigerator. You put the food inside the shelves and let it stand until it finishes. It is very easy to use.

A smoke generator produces smoke and heat, with the ability to operate for 8 hours, unsupervised.Automatic smoke generators have infinite controls. It has two separate heating elements. One is for burning the flavor bisquettes and the other is for the inner part or the smoker cabinet. Bisquettes can be placed one at a time. Low temperature can be controlled. Cookshack Smoker lines have adjustable temperature set for about 100 to 250oF. It requires small amounts of wood for the flavor of smoke. The temperature can be adjusted to warm when the food is done. This can be used outdoors in the park just by the backyard.Brinkmann 810-7080-8 slowly cooks and smokes barbeque. The two chrome-plated steel grills can hold up to 50 pounds of food. Top and bottom grill cooks are set at the same temperature. You can place the meat that cooks faster on top for easy removal. There is also a separate base pan for easy cleaning and set up. Brinkmann 810-7080-8 is also good in smoking turkeys. Author: David Urmann For more information on ELECTRIC SMOKER REPAIRS and ELECTRIC SMOKERS RUBS please visit our website. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_Urmann


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