Creating a Swan from a Cantaloupe

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Today I decided to take my breakfast and create a swan from it.  A cantaloupe or a honeydew is a great melon to use for this kind of project. Use a long thin blade, in this video I used an 8" boning knife.  You need to be able to turn the knife quickly to reverse directions.  Don't be afraid to go back and enlarge a cut so that all of them connect with each other. 

When it is finished this is a great center piece to use to hold melon balls with a fruit tray.  You can also put yogurt or any type of cold sauce into it.  Fruit salsa's  or jams for a bagel display.  Use it on a cheese display to hold apple slices that you have coated with lemon juice (so they don't turn brown). 

When you do your first one it is probably a good idea to take a marker and draw it out right on the melon.  I don't like to do this as I then have to carve on the outside of the line to make sure that it disappears  from the finished product. 



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