Cool Kitchen Gadgets That We Take for Granted

By admin / 8 years ago

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While I seem to be on the subject of kitchen gadgets recently it occured to me that there are a few tools that I use regularly that due to modern technology are vastly improved.  The top of the list would have to be the new high temprature rubber spatula.  This $5 common item is a tremendous improvement over the spatulas yesteryear.  It was not that many years ago that in a proffesional kitchen the rubber spatula would be burned on the end.  I hesitate to mention this but the fact of the matter is that the industry as a whole fed a lot of rubber to its patrons.  Not a pleasant thought but true none the less.  So using these new high temp spatulas is a distinct improvement.

Another new favorite toy of mine is the pump up spray bottle called the “Misto”  it enables you to put what ever type of oil you like to use in cooking inside, pump it up a couple of times and then spray your pan or baking dish.  Have you ever wondered what exactly is in the can of pam or whatever spray you use for that purpose? Now I can know for certain.  In my case it is olive oil, I even cook my eggs with it.

Spring loaded tongs are a definite must.  I keep mine in the drawer next to my stove for easy access.  Held closed with a simple 1″ key ring to conserve space in the drawer.  The newer innovation in the kitchen is the “Kitchen Tweezers” 12″ long, it will help you to extract eggshell from the omelet pan or pick out a thin piece of toast that has wedged itself incorrectly in your toaster.  Great little toy and only about $8 at your local gourmet shop.

When the recipe calls for the juice of half a lemon do you want to dig through the cupboard looking for the juicer?  Why not use a reamer?  Oxo the “fat handled” company makes a rubber handled reamer that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.  When I got mine it slipped past the particularly hard lime that I was juicing and found its way into my my hand. So i would recommend that you file the tip of the reamer just a tiny bit, the tips are sharp.

Then there is the “Offset” Bread knife, until I used one I had no idea what I had been missing.  Slicing bread or little cocktail rolls without dragging your knuckles on the bread board.  What a joy!

Finally, though not so new the most important cool kitchen gadget for my kitchen is my red Cuisinart coffee Grinder/Maker with programmable timer.  When I have to be out early as I do on most days it is absolutely awesome to climb out of bed to a cup of fresh ground, freshly brewed coffee that just finished brewing as I come down the hall.  Time to go set that up right now.

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