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Which is Best Serrated Kitchen Knives or Ceramic Kitchen Knives?

By admin / 5 years ago[/embed]

Note the gentle wave pattern Steel Kitchen Knives One of my chef friends decided to round out his Shun collection and add an offset bread knife.   An “offset” means that the handle is not directly behind the blade, but rather behind and above the blade giving the user… Continue reading


The Care And Feeding Of Your Chef’s Knives

By yurself / 6 years ago

Caring for your chef knife blades is much easier these days. Plastic knife guards, magnetic knife bars or knife blocks will keep your edges sharp. Use a wooden, bamboo or polypropylene plastic cutting board for cutting, avoid glass, ceramic or steel surfaces as they will dull your knife blade.


Why Are Carbon Steel Chef Knives The Best, Part 2

By admin / 6 years ago

  Carbon steel is the primary form of steel, the thousands of different formulas that steel takes are all the result of the purpose for which the steel is intended to be used. For instance your car engine is bolted together with hardened steel bolts and nuts.  All of the parts must work together with the… […]


The Keyword Grab Bag, What Are My Visitors Searching For?

By admin / 6 years ago

It is always a fascinating experience when I look at the search terms that my visitors typed into the Google or Yahoo search engine to find this blog.   I hope I was able to satisfy their curiosity in some small way about the questions that they had.   Here is a sampling of what […]


Wasabi…That Powered Green Horseradish…NO, It’s a Knife!

By admin / 7 years ago

I know, you thought wasabi was the name for that green stuff on the side of a serving of sushi.  Those cute little florettes you sometimes see that seem harmless enough until you mistakenly put it in your mouth to clean out your sinuses.  Guess what?  Wasabi is also the name given to a set of […]


JA Henckels – German Steel Meets Kai Shun Japanese Artistry

By admin / 7 years ago

The current centers of fine cutlery and chef knife manufacturing all have one very important thing in common. That is a long history in the art of steel manufacture and they were all centers for their individual countries in the sword making trade. In more recent times these “sword centers” have become “personal grooming” centers […]


Dear Uncle Alfred, Please Visit Laguiole

By admin / 7 years ago

Dear Uncle Al I heard that you were vacationing in the south of France.  And i was just wondering , since you and Liz are out and about in the Rolls, if you wouldn’t mind taking a little detour to Laguiole.   It is only about 250 kilometers north of Montpellier, just hop on the E11 […]

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