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The Keyword Grab Bag, What Are My Visitors Searching For?

By admin / 6 years ago

It is always a fascinating experience when I look at the search terms that my visitors typed into the Google or Yahoo search engine to find this blog.   I hope I was able to satisfy their curiosity in some small way about the questions that they had.   Here is a sampling of what […]


Fresh Herbs, How To Make Them Work For You

By admin / 6 years ago

Working with Fresh Thyme I spent a season at the Vail CO central kitchen for the whole valley ski area.  The kitchen itself was located in Beaver Creek, but we served food all over the valley and were also responsible for supplying several  restaurant operations in the Beaver Creek area.  I arrived the… Continue reading


Les Fines Herbes or Fine Herbs, Exploring the Magic In Herbs

By admin / 6 years ago

Allium, Better Known As Chives (Rant Mode) Ok, so I am going to throw a bunch of books at you.  I love Wikipedia, but sometimes the people who write the various entries (Fines Herbes) have not actually done sufficient research to know the whole picture, which in this world if instant gratification leaves us somewhat… Continue reading


Creative Quesadillas, More Than A Mexican Grilled Cheese

By admin / 6 years ago

  One of my favorite appetizers over the years has been the quesadilla. When I was first exposed to the recipe in the 70’s, it was simply Monterrey Jack and cheddar between two flour tortillas, served with salsa. Over the years that sorry recipe has evolved into a multiple taste experience that goes… Continue reading


A Healthy Grocery List, The Place To Start Your Cooking Efforts

By admin / 6 years ago

Zig Ziglar tells a story about his childhood in Yazoo City, Mississippi.   He always knew had enough to eat,  because when he passed his plate for seconds in a family of nine children, his mother would tell him “No son, you have had enough.”  I imagine that his family had a healthy grocery list, but […]

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