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Which is Best Serrated Kitchen Knives or Ceramic Kitchen Knives?

By admin / 5 years ago

Note the gentle wave pattern Steel Kitchen Knives One of my chef friends decided to round out his Shun collection and add an offset bread knife.   An “offset” means that the handle is not directly behind the blade, but rather behind and above the blade giving the user… Continue reading


Coconut Shrimp, The Secret Is Out!

By admin / 6 years ago

    I just got off the phone with an old friend, I had the privilege of catering her wedding dinner, the reception in her home 2 days later and then for several years an annual holiday get together.  As a caterer, I looked forward to it because this was one of the few times […]


Why Are Carbon Steel Chef Knives The Best, Part 2

By admin / 6 years ago

  Carbon steel is the primary form of steel, the thousands of different formulas that steel takes are all the result of the purpose for which the steel is intended to be used. For instance your car engine is bolted together with hardened steel bolts and nuts.  All of the parts must work together with the… […]


Why Are Carbon Steel Chef Knives The Best, Part 1

By admin / 6 years ago

  Today we are going to look at a few examples of knife technology and explore some of the finer points.  Pictured above are three knives that I have owned for a long time.  The bottom one is my first knife ever, I bought it at the local hardware store for $29 in 1970.  It […]


An Herbal Holiday, Cooking A Turkey The Old Fashioned Way

By admin / 6 years ago

    Notice how well the blend with the background     I grew up in a rather large family by today’s standards.  There were 8 rug rats in my family all under the age of 15 at one point in time. So holiday meals were very… Continue reading


The Vitamix Blender, Prepare To Be Amazed

By admin / 6 years ago

Chef types are constantly looking for the best ways to prepare something.  In fact one of the secrets to becoming a great chef is to discover ways to make complicated processes simple and efficient. I am sure that soon after it was invented, the blender found its way into a commercial kitchen.  That would have […]


Dr. Mercola; “You are what you digest”

By admin / 6 years ago

The Type of Food that Food That Will Slow Nearly Every Type of Disease… I have taken the liberty of re-printing this fascinating article from Dr. Mercola about enzymes.  It is  an excellent primer on the whole world of enzymes.  Why are they important?  Because they are valuable catalysts in the production of many of […]

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