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Are you Taking Advantage of the Versatility of a Food Processor

By admin / 8 years ago

The food processor is an integral part of of any well equipped kitchen.  From mincing garlic to building dressings, salsa, tapenade’s or dips, the food processor is indispensable.  In a commercial kitchen it gets used several times a day, in my home kitchen I use it at least 2 or 3 times a week.  With […]


Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicers, My Favorite Kitchen Toy

By admin / 8 years ago

The mandoline pictured above comes with a straight slicing blade and 3 julienne blades for a degree of sizes in your cutting.  The protective handle has a spring loaded grip to hold your food in place as you slice it.  It does not have a “waffle” blade for doing a gaufrette style of cut. Notice […]


The Cleaver, Another Type of Cooking Knife

By admin / 8 years ago

How to Buy and Grip a Chinese Cleaver by: Ala Luke The proper cutting technique is one the most important things you will need to learn in order to cook like a professional.Different recipes use different cutting techniques, so it’s important that you know when and how to use each one.Improper cutting can lead to […]


Time Saving Tools

By admin / 9 years ago

Cool New Useful Kitchen Gadgets for Your Home. These unique kitchen gadgets save time

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